About us

From our beginnings as a small lighting company in 2008, NAMATEX has evolved to a world-class corporation with businesses that span advance technology, LED Module, LED Display, advertising board and all LED & SMD based lighting equipment. Our products quality have allowed us to be a leader in these fields, constantly pushing the industries forward. Through our devotion and innovation to create superior products and services across all areas of our business, we strive to enhance the smart and modern lighting industry and bring positive change to the world around us. In a changing world, we’re changing faster. We are relentless in our pursuit of discovery and innovation, creating technologies and providing services that empower. Opening the door to a world of possibility, in ways that only NAMATEX can.

Lighting types

Interior Lighting

Interior Lighting

In today’s world, lighting has become an integral part of architecture. It has gained much more importance in the field of interior lighting because interior lighting draws attention from the two…

Urban Lighting

Urban Lighting

From very long ago human has been in need of light since he could not make a clear and accurate understanding of his surroundings without light. Darkness has always served as a source of obscurity…

Lighting of Building Exterior

Lighting of Building Exterior

The ever growing trend of building construction and realization of huge (commercial, administrative and residential) construction  projects have made traditional view of this…

Implementation of projects

1- Designing

First step in the process of implementing lighting projects is designing. Assisted with its professional, highly experienced staffers, NAMATEX Designing Department tries, by utilizing…

2- Designing and Simulating

First step in the process of implementing lighting projects is designing

3- Preparing Project’s Equipment

After the selection of a design by the customer it comes to the next step, that is, preparation of lighting equipment for the projects. 

4- Project Implementation

.In the past, lighting parts and equipment were performed and mounted in a traditional way 

Lighting Articles

Lighting Tips

Have you been looking to upgrade your hotel lobby so that more people are interested in coming to your hotel and staying there? Do you want to make sure that you’re going to get the best out of your…

Using Outdoor Lighting

  The topic of urban green space has always been fascinating e.. we get access to even the smallest, private outdoor space provides immeasurable pleasure. It becomes our little…

تشدید احساسات انسان با نور غیر یکنواخت

        ما در زندگی مدرن، عصر و شب هنگام از نورهای یکنواخت الکتریکی استفاده میکنیم که خواندن کتاب، نوشتن نامه و کارکردن را مانند زمان روز میسر میکنند. حال آنکه در مقابل، ما…

نورپردازی موسسات بین المللی

مطمئنا در معرفی هویت یک کشور ، علاوه بر ساختمان های تاریخی ، ساختمان های ادارات دولتی و موسسات بزرگ بسیار تاثیرگذار هستند. چناچه می بینید بسیاری از بناهای باشکوه تاریخ همچون بنای تخت چمشید ،…